Friday 20 March 2020

Stereo Driver

Stereo Driver was created for the course Game Design 6: Experimental Game Design and later released on itch, where it got added to the game collection self-isolation on a budget and received thousands of downloads.

In Stereo Driver, the player explores a procedural generated terrain that constantly changes to the music played by a car radio controlled by the player. You can find and collect cassettes, allowing you to add new songs to your car radio.
Stereo Driver allows you to pick any song from YouTube and load it into the game to explore how the world  changes along with the music. Additionally, you can upload your own music files to the game, creating a fully personalized experience.

Stereo Driver features seven different biomes, an advanced YouTube system, a local file system, music conversion and normalization, advanced options and loads of visual effects and custom shaders.

The game was created in a group of three people, where my task was to code the game, as well as creating shaders, sounds and making a coherent UI.

Get the game on itch: