Monday 1 June 2020


Chairades was created for the course Game Design 6: Experimental Game Design and later released on itch as part of the Gotland Game Conference showcase 2020, where it won three awards: Best in Show, The Innovation Award, and Best Presentation.

In Chairades, your goal is to assemble a chair using the given budget. You can buy all the materials your heart desires: planks, beams, books - even cacti and bowling balls. The player can place and combine materials, move them around and rotate them. Once you are satisfied with your finished creation, a professional chair tester will enter the room and sit on it. He will then determine if your chair is ready for the market.

The game features a big toolbox with placement, movement, rotation and delete tools, a save and load file system, multiple customers, a simulation system including slow motion, wonky rag doll physics and loads of fun.

The game was created in a group of three people, where my task was to code the game, as well as creating sounds for the various game actions.

Get the game on itch: