Thursday 4 July 2019

Runway Rumble

Runway Rumble was created for the course Game Production 2: Vertical Slice and later showcased at the Gotland Game Conference, where it got nominated for Best Social Game and the Jury Spotlight Award.
This game is a local 2 versus 2 multiplayer game that takes place at an airport, you are in control of cars that work to service planes so they can take off while trying to contain the chaos. Service planes before they leave again. Do this by picking the right vehicle for the service they need. To service the planes you need to collect the right resources and shoot them at the planes. Use these tools to best the chaos at the airport and ensure enjoyable travels to all passengers more effectively then the other team roaming the tarmac.

My personal role in creating Runway Rumble was programming the main gameplay mechanics as well as the UI. I was in charge of creating a good game feel and making the cars in the game be fun and easy to handle. Furthermore, I created a camera system, cut scenes, post-processing and a custom ocean shader.